, the No. 1 Enterprise Growing in the World"

LOFA Corp. puts value in high priority and always takes on challenges with creativity.
With long experience and know-how and processing technology, the company analyzes production processes and provides more reasonable and effective automation systems.


10 Korea Technology Park Promotion Association’s selection of top companies in 2018 (No.KTA2018-0124)
10 Munda trademark application (No. 40-2018-0135648)
09 Certification of KDB Industrial Bank KDB-TECH Program
08 Re-certification of Environmental Management System ISO 14001 (Certification registration number: KE-1177)
08 Re-certification of Environmental Management System ISO 14001 (Certification registration number: KE-1177)
08 Re-certification of the quality management system ISO 9001 (Certification registration number: KQ-1176)
07 Ulsan Star Enterprise Designation (No. 2008-001)
07 Small and medium venture business department designated as export-oriented small business (No. 2008 Ulsan-10)
06 Korea Industrial Human Resources Corporation’s One-day Learning Program and Training Practice Agreement (No.218-041)
05 Commended by Ulsan small and medium venture enterprise manager (No. 2018-12)


12 Commended by the Korea International Trade Association (No. 17-0235)
11 Commended by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce for the development of parts and materials technology (No. 120080)
11 International Patent for Tool Assembly Changer (PCT) (PCT/KR2017/012699)
11 Toolchanger International Patent (PCT) Application (PCT/KR2017/012671)
11 Accreditation to promising companies (UTP No. 2017-026)
10 Patent registration for Tool Assembly Changer (PTO 10-1789252)
10 Tool Changer Patent Registration (PTO 10-1789248)
09 Green car technology center Ulsan area Main industry promotion business Non R & D support project (marketing division) agreement
08 Ulsan Techno Park Agreement for Small and Medium Business
08 Agreements on Fast-track Project for Ulsan Techno Park
06 Grip device patent registration (PTO 10-1754822)
06 Certification of Technology Assessment Excellent Company (No. NICE-2017-77-003229)
05 Patent application for the tool assembly (No. 10-2017-0059329)
05 Patent application for toolchanger (No. 10-2017-0059324)
05 Patent application for holder unit (No. 10-2017-0059317)
03 Commended by President of Venture Business Association (No. 17-9)
01 Patent application for grip device (No. 10-2017-0006170)


12 TOP prize for a million dollars in exports
10 Two patents applied abroad (Japan/U.S.) : High speed mobile robot for high speed hybrid press
09 Be awarded a citation in field of national productivity by prime minister
09 Commended the prime minister's prize for improving national productivity (No. 189683)
09 Two patents applied abroad (China/Germany): High speed mobile robot for high speed hybrid press
07 Appointment of members of the Ulsan Regional Human Resources Development Committee (No. 20116-16)
05 Construction of a new building/factory in Bancheon
05 Reapproved the Productivity Management System(PMS) by Korea Productivity Center
05 Re-selection of MAIN-BIZ as Management Innovation (No. 161201-00911 of the Small and Medium Business Administration)
04 Patent registration for ultra-fast transport robots for high speed hybrid press (PTO 10-16577)
03 Awarded by the President of the Venture Business Association (No. 16-86)
03 Contributions to Global Competitiveness of Venture Firms in Ulsan Metropolitan Market (Ulsan City No. 213)
01 Certificate acquisition for Occupation Health & Safety Assessment Series OHSAS 18001


12 International Patent (PCT) Application: Connection structure of sound proof panel
10 Overseas patent registration (USA/Thailand) : Connecting structure of soundproof panel
08 Selected as a 2015 global star venture company by Ulsan metropolitan city
02 Acquired 2015 best partner certificate by Hyundai Hysco


09 Certificate renewal for Environment Management System ISO 14001 Certificate
09 Renewal for Quality Management System ISO 9001


10 Overseas patent application (China) : Hot blank gripping device


12 NTIS Professional Monitoring Team Activity (National Science and Technology Council No. 2012-55)


01 Patent application for robot laser welding method (No. 10-2010-0007105)
01 Patent application for location holding dog between robot tool and laser vision sensor (No. 10-2010-0007091)


03 Special gripper (Ultra High Temperature) patent application (No. 10-2009-0027848)


02 Establishment of a LOFA corporation